Where is the Nordic Boutique Barn?

The Nordic Boutique Barn is in the small village of Skjelstad, in a beautiful area of Northern Norway in Steigen county, just north of the city of Bodø. We are just North of the Arctic circle and from here you can see the  famous Lofoten Islands on the horizon.

How do I get there?

By train
Take the train to Bodø, the nearest city, and catch the express boat to Helnessund. You can walk from the train station to the port in less than 15 minutes. Or if you’ve got a lot to carry get a cab or a bus.

By plane
You fly to Bodø Airport. There are regular buses from the airport to the centre of town and 5 mins to walk from there to the port. It takes about 20 minutes to walk from the airport to the port. Or you can get a taxi for around 150Nkr.

Arriving at the port – Sentrumsterminalen.
Go into the terminal building and buy a ticket to Helnessund. The express boat takes about an hour. We will pick you up on the quay. During the hight of the summer season it is advisable to book in advance to secure a place. There is only one boat a day, so if you miss this one you have to stay overnight in Bodø or hire a car.

By car
If you would like to be mobile during your holiday you may want to rent a car in Bodø. Drive towards Tømmerneset in Hamarøy and follow the signs to Steigen, continue through the tunnel and in one hour and 15 mins you will arrive at the Nordic Boutique Barn in Skjelstad. The whole journey takes around 4 hours. You can also hire a car in Helnessund on arrival, but there are only two hire cars available and in the summer they often get booked up. So please let us know well in advance so we can make sure there is one free for you.


What is the setting like?
We are located in an old fishing village with around 300 people. Here you are surrounded by pure wilderness and friendly people. The Nordic Boutique Barn is on a peninsula with white, sandy beaches, crystal clear water and spectacular mountains. Brennvika Beach is just around the corner!


What about the wildlife?

Steigen is steeped in wilderness with moose, fox, a few reindeers left behind by the Sami herders and you even have lynx in the mountains. It has one of the highest sea eagle population of the world! The sea is full of fish, seals, otters and beautiful starfish and urchins. Occasionally there are porpoises passing by and sometimes a school of orca whales!


What kind of Outdoor activities can I do?

This area is perfect for hiking, kayaking, playing on the beach or any other thinkable our door activity!

There are many hiking trails and some even start right on our doorstep. You can stroll through the forest and along the beach or you can explore waterfalls and climb up to the mountain tops. If you feel like it you can hike for days with our meeting another human being. Everybody can find something that is suitable for their level of fitness and comfort.
You can also bike, sail, fish, kayak, dive, climb and paraglide in this area.
In Norway the countryside is open for anyone to walk everywhere, within reason. It even has its own law, the Right of passage. It is based on everyones responsibility to leave nature as it was when you found it. This means no littering or removing anything that isn’t yours. It is based on trust, love and most of all: Respect for mother nature.

Information about the Steigen area:


The mountain hut:


Rib Steigen offers charter, transport and safari with their 36 feet Rib:



What is the weather like?

Due to the gulfstream this area has mild winters and cool summers. May and June are the driest months. Strong winds may occur in late autumn and winter.
The midnight sun appears around end of May till the beginning of july. This means 24 hour of sunshine, if the sun is not behind the clouds. So bring sunglasses!

This is also a perfect place to see the Aurora – the northern lights from early autumn till late winter.

If you want more information about the northern lights and the midnight sun check out the following links.