Our Story

Our Story

Once upon time a man said:

“Can someone give this crazy lady some matches, so she can burn down the barn!”

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That was 20 years ago.

I had left the busy and greedy city to come back home and settle down in peace and tranquility with my three daughters. I had bought this place, a house and an adjecent barn, and wanted to give it some love and attention. The barn was nearly falling apart and the roof was leaking. But the old structure was strong, made from Norwegian timber resting on a solid foundation of rock from Mother Earth.

Matches were not necessary! I had fallen in låve (låve is the Norwegian word for barn)!
Slowly, with help from my friends and family, I started to restore the building. I did this  with a deep låve for my home and respect for my ancestors who had worked so hard to make a living up North, under the northern lights and in the midnight sun, close to the wild ocean. And not to forget the storms, the rain, the snow and the darkness that is part of this wild and unforgiving but amazing and breathtaking landscape.
The barn was patient, and I persevered. I was in låve! But my mind struggled…Will I make it? How can I manage?

I will not bore you with all the details.. The hard work, living outside in winter, no water nor electricity. I had no place to live as I had rented out my house to make some money.

After 20 years of hard work I am still ready for some more work! Therefore I invite you with låve to my Nordic Boutique Barn in North Norway! And my advice would still be: Follow your dream! Work hard, very hard and make it happen.

Welcome to my låve!
Lillian Låve Selvik